Everybody is talking about networking, it has been the trending topic for a while now, and almost everyone has an opinion about it, or says they are using it… but… What does that even mean? Are you using the networking trend? Is it helping you generating income? New opportunities? Any chance you are just socializing?

And even socializing is important, but when you network, as much as when you do anything related to work, a job or income related, it’s important to understand that having an objective is the first step. If you don’t know where you are going, no path will take you there, and every path seems like a good idea (which can lead you to places you really don’t want to be in this specific moment).

Networking works, it has worked for the past couple of millennia, is the natural way of finding opportunities, jobs, ideas… but if you are trying to use it for your benefits, learn the basic rules for networking, have an objective, a plan, a goal in mind, and understand the path you have to take, then start networking for real.

Focus on the objective, always, whatever it is, and make it perfectly clear you are interested in developing a relation with the person you meet, always think what you can bring to this relation, why it is good for both of you to develop a relationship. Not just your interest, all of the involved parties should benefit from your networking, otherwise it is not a good idea to network with you…

Be grateful, and remember everybody is networking, so, if you are ready to take advantage of networking, go ahead, and be honest with you.

“May the odds be always in your favour”

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