This is not a definitive guide, simply a series of useful advices that I have been collecting on the adventure of being a newcomer to Canada. I hope it can help and solve more doubts, paving the way to us immigrants.

So, you decide to migrate to Toronto, Ontario, and maybe you have everything taken care by a lawyer, maybe you have a job offer. That's all good, that's the way things should work, I am happy for you (I really am, by the way), so this is just a couple of key findings on the first things you may meed to solve and know and are so basic, most people give them for granted. It is important to mention these series of advices are meant to help you when you are a legal resident of Canada, either with a working permit or a student permit.

Let's start assuming you have living arrangements for the first days or weeks, if not, give AirBnB a chance to help you solve that.

Get a local phone number where you can be reached

This first step is so important, that I can't address this strong enough. With no local number, it can be a real pain finding a place to live. There are several options for you to choose, from Bell or Virgin Mobile to Chatr Mobile or Freedom. I am not providing any of them, just pick one and set up a pre-paid phone number, remember it is important that you can be reached, nobody will return a call to a foreign number just for an apartment rental.

Social Insurance Number and Health Card...

This an even tricky one. You MUST have a SIN for everything in Canada, is the very first thing you will need for working, tax, credit and a lot of other purposes. You have to find the closest Service Canada office and go as soon as you can, find the process here:

Now, for your health card, once you have your SIN, find your closest Service Ontario office and register for your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program). The link with all the information on the program is here: