If you think most of your worst fear, sooner or later it will come and bite you in the ass, or the face, depending on where are you standing, and how you decide to face it or turn your back to it.

Our worst fears always come true, mainly because we are focused on them, the monsters under the bed, and the skeletons in our closets WILL come out on their one or with help (both, ours and other’s). We are so focused on what we are afraid of that most times we are not enjoying the present time, and that is the worst thing that happens, because then we are not here for no one, not even ourselves.

You probably have heard about living here and now, and living without expectations is the best. That depends on everyone, is a particular and personal choice completely. But it’s a tricky one, a very tricky one. Because someone has done it or accomplished it, it doesn’t mean I can do it, it means it’s doable, it means there is a path, and maybe I (or you) can follow that path.

But, let’s face it: not everyone is trained from birth to be a winner, not everyone is reassured in the early years (when it really counts and makes a difference), most people are not, quite the opposite, we are trained to accept failure, to be mediocre, mainly by ignorance, as a matter of fact.

But then again, everybody can learn how to be successful, how to become better at what we choose to do in life, what we become… or not? Success is more about being capable of adaptation than circumstances, therefor, if we can adapt how we face our fears, we can overcome them, at least that’s what I think.


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