Constant reinvention or renovation... scary little phrase that states what our body does all the time. Every day we produce new cells, and get rid of the old ones, so... we are constantly changing, renovating ourselves. It's part of our nature, it's the way it's supposed to be, so... What resist it?

Most cultures program their (our) youngsters into deciding a path in life and stick with it... or at least that was the way things were taught to us from de "Baby Boomer Generation".

But human evolution takes it's course always, unstoppable, despite all the efforts some people make to maintain the illusion of borders, the sense of distance, and the paradigms we still try to impose to our kids, and then, at some point, maybe we find out that renovation, reinvention and changing ourselves is the only true path we can follow... and we migrate, we take the steps needed to reinvent ourselves, to find the new path that serves our purpose in life, that leads us to the next realm in our lives.

It may happen early in our life, or maybe during the middle age, but when it happens, we need to embrace it, face our fears, accept the challenge, and let go of the past, but never the memories, only the past decisions, there's nothing you can do to change those outcomes, and you shouldn't even try, you and your path right now are the result of every decision and step you took.

So, just like your cells, embrace the renovation of every day, breathe, feel your body react to the awakening, and... open your eyes, get out of bed, and reinvent yourself today, just today.

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