And then we had flurries


It might seem odd to the people already living in Canada, but for us, having flurries is a bliss… A little explanation is in order: We don’t have snow in Mexico City, so, living in a place where snow is a big part of the living, is just fascinating. Let me be clear, I get it, if you’ve lived here all your life or for some time now, it’s part of what you’re life, for me it’s still amazing, but even more amazing is the fact that everything seems prepared for the winter, the snow and the shorter days.

So, the first day we had flurries was a celebration, maybe because we chose an apartment to start the adventure first Toronto, and therefor not having to deal with the snow removal and so, or maybe just because we really are enjoying this daily discoveries and still find everything so new for us, yet so comforting for being prepared in advance for the cold weather (thanks for the all the advice provided, to my personal Angels).

And today, well we’ve been having flurries since yesterday evening and seems to be extending till later this afternoon, so… let’s enjoy the flurries, and let’s see if we can take a walk and enjoy the snow.


Six months here…

Coming was not in plan… it was not even in perspective, but… here we are, enjoying this paradise land in the north.

It all started with a simple question/proposal: “I am looking for a position elsewhere (outside Mexico, that is), will you come with me?” Said J.

Immediate response: “It depends… I haven’t renewed my US visa, but anywhere else, I am ready, let me renew my passport.”

And a couple of months later… Our personal angel came with the news… there was a job offer for her in Toronto… and so we came.

The adventure began and so far has been a wonderful and marvelous experience. I want to share some details and learnings in the few next publications, to help me be sure that it’s not a dream, that we really are here, and everything is happening